Sunday, March 19, 2017

Turning off gateway.

Some weeks ago I have decided to turn off older version of gateway (version 1.5) and replace it with new version 1.7. It was running for over a year and a half. Also it was not so easy as it used RFM12B radio module and all radio nodes need to be replaced as well. Well it is always at some cost to do upgrade, whether it is making of new nodes or time to put it together. But the time is here and I do not even remember how many changes and small fixes I done in transition to version 1.6. and later 1.7. But the old gateway has guarded my property good enough, with only one alarm, thankfully a false one. Caused simply by open window ventilation and hot summer wind. And as you can see on the picture on right the last update of firmware and accompanied reset was almost a year ago. Since then it was running and working without me noticing. I must once again thank NilRTOS for its stability. I have made a screenshot of the debug window, and there is clearly visible that the stack is rock solid.

Thank you and R.I.P. :)

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