Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Updates in

Here is list of updates in current release:
  • Added authentication (iButton key) handling into radio thread. That is, now both wired and wireless nodes are able to send arm/disarm keys to gateway. Keep in mind, that battery powered node is not a good option as authentication will not wait for you to recharge node battery :)
  • Removed Ethernet driver restart when MQTT server is not reachable, now only MQTT part is restarted. Will see how it goes in long time, if web interface will recover after network failure/power off.
  • Web interface for GSM modem is changed and simplified. Now there is also GSM model info included.
  • Startup sequence for GSM is prolonged and changed to comply with SIM800C start-up times.
  • SMS handling is changed to accommodate both SIM800 and SIM900.
  • Logger and alert thread is verified, and includes some slight changes. Email alert is moved as last, and needs to further work.
  • SMS command gateway bug fixed, it should correctly handle incoming SMS messages.
  • Updated Ethernet library to latest release.
  • Added special global trigger for all Battery type nodes. It is activated when voltages is bellow 3.6V and deactivated when above 4.16V. Alert handling setting is common with other triggers. That is, it follows your setting on global tab.
  • JavaScript was added in web interface of timers. Calendar and Period switch toggles On and Off part of controls that are meaningless.
  • Template function was added to all HTML input elements, reducing the code size ~ 1.5kB. But was taken by new code again :)
Gateway source and libraries are pushed to GitHub.