Monday, August 30, 2021

Summer vacation and 1.3.8 continuity test

Summer vacation is almost over, I hope for everyone it was spent in nice and restful manner. I personally, was traveling abroad and also much in my country to visit places I've wanted to see for longer time. After long stay-at-home period of covid 19, it was very welcome and pleasant.

But as always, there is the the other side of vacation, I did not do do much development for OHS. The last one which bothered me about lwip's MQTT was solved, and it took longer time. Also as I think about it now, the current firmware has all the major functionality I wanted initially. And it is in state that it simply works. Yes! Look at the picture, I have now running the last 83 days without interruption.

So what will come next? I have few ideas:

  • There is a big task ahead to integrate SSL/TLS layer.
  • Based on above create "push" notification as new alert delivery path.
  • Add authentication to web interface.
  • Create examples for OHS integrated scripting language (modified TCL).
  • ...

If you have some other idea let me know.