Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Moving forward with OHS2

Just to post latest update about my software progress on OHS version 2. I must say I'm quite happy that I have base functional system with many main system components running on my development board. Namely:
  1. RS485 with new library for Arduino. Sending command and messages with ACKs. All the bits travel back and forth nicely and all timing look good on logic analyzer.
  2. GSM module work well wit accompanied new library for SMT32.
  3. Logging to FRAM.
  4. Relays are fine.
  5. Battery backup storage in SRAM is fine along with ruties.
  6. RTC, although there is now only UTC.
  7. HTTPD is working with static and dynamic html pages and and also POST is functional. Web server now includes pages for system info, zones, groups, nodes, users, keys and log.
With all this I can already use authentication, zone monitoring, groups, and data log.

If someone is interested all the source is in GitHub, and also any contribution is welcome.