Software sources

2.x Gateway:

1.x Remote nodes:

Nodes repositories are based on hardware versions. Like following is PCB node version 1.4 with RS485 interface and 12V power supply that has iButton Key interface and temperature sensor.
Hardware for nodes is compatible across all gateway versions.

1.x Gateway:

All libraries required are included. Be aware that I have sometimes included small change in common libraries like Ethernet or Webserver and such, and all those are required to compile the sketch.


1.x Remote nodes:

Remote nodes act as authentication units, or they gather environment data. Currently they are set to receive iButtons as keys to arm/disarm the system.

Look at my GitHub repositories:, there are source codes for nodes based on hardware version and type. Like remote_1_4_RFM69, means basic wireless node code for PCB version 1.4.

Nodes are programmable via standard FTDI programmer. with exception of
nodes with RS485. RS485 nodes are programmable only via ISP(6-pin) as hardware serial is connected to RS485 chip, use upload via programmer in Arduino IDE.

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