Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Fixing MQTT

There was lately a lot of changes done in gateway MQTT processing. First of all I've introduced a lwip_assert_core_locked() function which present as helper macro throughout lwip network stack, but it is defined as empty. This macro is a quite useful feature, especially if lwip is running multiple sockets. ChibiOS has very functional and well defined bindings to lwip, however lacks the lwip_assert_core_locked() function definition. To benefit from this lock I've added following code to lwipopts.h:

void lwip_assert_core_locked(void);
#define LWIP_ASSERT_CORE_LOCKED() lwip_assert_core_locked();

And the actual function to /arch/sys_arch.c:

void lwip_assert_core_locked(void) {
  // If the mutex hasn't been initialized yet, then give it a pass.
  if (lock_tcpip_core == SYS_SEM_NULL) return;
  // Ensure that the mutex is currently taken (locked).
  if (chSemWaitTimeoutS(lock_tcpip_core, TIME_IMMEDIATE) == MSG_OK) {
    chSysHalt("TCPIP core is not locked!");

Then basically you need to wrap every lwip API call with following macros:

This helped a lot, since without the locking the gateway after some time was not sending ACK to MQTT broker, and was forced to reconnect every 5 or so minutes.

Second lwip source was updated to latest dev branch, which has some fixes for MQTT in it as well. 

Last, but not least, there are several changes introduced to MQTT thread. The connection/re-connection function was moved there as well from service thread.

All this is is pushed to GitHub as version 1.3.6.