Friday, October 21, 2016

Gateway 1.7. ready

Here it is fully functional and ready. I'm happy man :)

This is actual look of new and fully assembled board, except expansion connector. I have components to build few of these and final price is around 70EUR ~ 75USD without antennas and pigtails. Buy it on the right panel in my online store.

Just to speak about component quality. I'm using only branded and original parts that are supposed to last. Like Japanese and Korean(better to write Korean then Samsung these days :), just a silly joke) capacitors. IC from TI, ST, WizNet and Maxim. Ports are isolated by TVS or optocouplers . There are ferrite beads where they need to be, not replaced by 0 Ohm resistor. Isolated MagJack for RJ45 and so on... With this I hope it will last for years.

It comes with latest OHS firmware loaded, as available on my GitHub account.

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