Friday, October 27, 2023

Updated Radio NodeMini with STM32

Here comes the updated version of Radio Node Mini on STM32f103. There are only a few visual changes, like places for the required pull-up resistors for the I2C bus. I add them automatically when someone orders the optional HTU21D temperature/humidity sensor. Other than that, only silkscreen labels are enhanced. But the most important fact is the change of way I make those boards. 

The chip crisis is fading out and with it all the components are getting cheaper. This brought me to an idea to use fabrication services. And since I'm getting busier and I value my free time even more, I tried to compromise and I let the new nodes be assembled and soldered at the PCB shop. I invested the effort into making a small panel of the boards and created BOM and CPL files for the machine assembly. 

Make it short, the service is great. Actually it allows me to lower the price of the Mini Nodes, simply because it takes me much less time. And not only by saving my labor time, but also the components are priced similarly, or sometimes even cheaper, to my preferred shop TME. There are only a few cosmetic problems with the micro USB ports, or the micro buttons which are not always aligned, but the boards are nicely soldered and even cleaned of the residue flux.

To celebrate this accomplishment, I made a new graphical pin-out diagram for the STM32 Radio Nodes Mini. Take a look:

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