Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Expansion board

Gateways 2.x have now a slightly reduced numbers of input. This is a little trade off from previous versions 1.x that have 8 analog(balanced) and 4 digital(unbalanced) ports. 2.x gateways have increased the balanced inputs to 10 ports, and also added ability to switch any of this port to be treated as unbalanced one. But there is no digital only port. Instead I started to design new extension board that will allow to add 8 extra ports. These ports will also be hybrid, meaning that they can be switched in software to unbalanced. The board is already in fabrication and should look like picture on right.

I did not yet started coding, so I hope it will be still possible with good old ATmega328P. Also not sure if this application has need for RTOS, or if it is doable only in as standard Arduino sketch.

Anyway it has possibility to expand the zones by 8, and the connection can be established via wire(RS485) or radio(RFM69). It has onboard relay and similar power detection circuit as gateway. There are only 2 free pins left that are taken out to allow some user application like additional relay board.

Gateway firmware is already able to allow 2 such boards to be connected.

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