Saturday, October 21, 2017

New major version

Since summer time I was adding some features to gateway that led into new major version Changes include:
  • Remote zones added.
  • Added group arm and disarm chain. That is when arming/disarming group by key, Gateway is able to automatically arm/disarm another group or groups.
  • Added group state MQTT publish. Gateway now, if enabled, will publish state of group via MQTT. Such information can captured by Home Assistant or other automation program.
  • MQTT sensor publish structure modified, added group name to path.
  • Updated MQTT library and MQTT protocol to 3.1.1.
  • Added new sensor type "Battery", to easily identify battery powered nodes voltage. 
  • Added new sensor type "Gas", to easily identify any air quality environmental sensor.
  • Added SMS command gateway. Authorized numbers from contact list are able to get Group state or set it On, Off, Arm and Disarm by sending SMS in predefine format to gateway GSM number. This functionality need some testing.
  • Updated NilRTOS to latest version available. In future port is needed to ChNil, which is newer replacement of NilRTOS, but unfortunately not one to one compatible with NilRTOS.
  • Various small enhancements in code and web interface.
New version is now at GItHub.


  1. Nice work. Congratulations. In terms of adding a keypad panel to the system for basic config or arm/ disarm operaqtions will the system handle the extra load or a separate arduino should be utilized ?

  2. Hello kmarios,

    arm/disarm is done on wired remote node(atmega328P, check schematics and my shop). Currently only iButtons are used as keys(they have unique 8 byte long ROM), but gateway does not care how you get the key, it only checks the incoming key and compare it with list of valid keys. So adding a keypad is very easy, if you wish to have keypad.

  3. Thank you for your reply. What i had in mind was a node with LCD/Keypad allowing users to obtain information from the system e.g. status, zones, perform arm/disarm and additionally perform management tasks, eg. zone on/off etc. Is there enough space left on the device for such functionality or a seperate "node" is needed ? I am asking since i don't have an ATmega1284P to test the firmware.

  4. All gateway 1284P pins are used, as of firmware there is around 20kB free, that is still enough.

    Adding LCD and keypad to node is more then possible. Node already knows state of its Group(Zones), it shows the status via red/green LED. There is defined protocol for communication between node and gateway, all that would be needed, is to add extra code to gateway to send also additional information to node.

    I was also thinking to design some LCD and keypad. I do like the idea of having a big touch screen like 5", and having the keypad as virtual keys. Something like Nextion.