Sunday, December 11, 2016

Email alerting

Some time ago email alerting was added, along to SMS, to send email to predefined contacts. I have been thinking what would be easy to achieve it for me, but also for other users. And although I have small server running at home, I have opted for service available for free online. I have found nice service offered by, they have free plan service for 1,000 emails per month or 25 emails maximum per hour. That would be sufficient for any even heavy usage for a single gateway. Service is available on port 2525 and they ask for user credential encoded by base64. Simple enough to add into existing alerting thread. Just fill email user and email password in Global section and choose which type of alert is to be send via email. No fancy text is sent through email, just subject with same info as for SMS, and it is send to all recipient that match as single email. It works fast enough and seems efficient for alerts that have less importance.

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