Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New node

In past week I have created new board for remote node. Here is render from KiCad, how it should look like. It is my first board after switching from Eagle to KiCad, so we'll see what it will look like in real.

There are many changes, while keeping the current format 5x5cm, I have replaced most of the components. There is new switching power supply, actually two of them. One is for standard DC 5 - 20 V and up to 500mA. Second is for batteries and support voltage from 2 to 5.5 V but only 120mA. There is still present the RS485 half-duplex IC, speaker, and header for 1-Wire touch probe with 2 LEDs. IO Header grew with new pins and most importantly there is place for new RFM69W radio module on the back.

I have plans to use more battery powered nodes that should last long. Either to run them from rechargeable batteries like li-on or li-po or from standard packs or bigger button batteries. Waiting for the boards to get them alive :).


  1. Hello,

    thanks I have it at home already. I'm waiting for some more components, but I have tested the version with battery source and all works as expected. The unit is working from 2-5V without issue. I'm planning to test the consumption in sleep, it should go to micro Amps.
    Also If you interested in the PCB or complete node ping me through email.