Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New design

It has been a while when I started real world testing of the whole system.  I have polished the code, fixed few bugs. Now I'm deciding that do next. I have few things on mind:

1. Design new PCB, bigger with all things on it. I have moved from Eagle to KiCad, and curently designing something like this:
It has WizNet W5500 Ethernet chip, SIM900 for GSM, and also some other improvements like better analogue protection. Size would be 10x15cm and it will be drop in replacement for any old wired burglar alarm.

2. Move the software to Arduino 1.6 to resolve the last bug with SPI transactions. Ethernet library disables interrupts and very seldom some interrupts are missed, causing a radio or RS485 packet to be not seen.  That would mean to rewrite libraries too, namely W5500 and RFM12B.

3. Port the RTOS from Nil to newer version called ChibiOS RT that allows dynamic threads and dynamic allocation of memory. This would eliminate the static allocation of memory for sensors and keys taking up RAM even if not needed.

For me all that work for many months is just fine, but I would like this to maybe become some kind of community project, so I'm not alone in this. I would gladly accept any hints, help in coding or design, or give some help to anyone.

Let me know...


  1. This is a very cool and useful project for IoT Developer. (also brand NEW~~)
    so, If you don't mind, I would like to introduce on WIZnet museum (http://wiznetmuseum.com) for everyone. WIZnet produce the W5100 on Ethernet shield. Hopefully, you will allow this.:)

  2. Hello, sure no problem, I will be happy. Just I think my original board is listed there already. But for this one I'm using your newer W5500.

    1. Yes. I esteem you for your update. Thanks~

    2. Hello Bongjun,

      now I have new version ready with W5500, and I must say it works great! Thanks for such chips.