Saturday, November 1, 2014

New PCB for main board

After not very successful testing of main board in real life, I have put some effort and created a new version of it.

It I hope solves the problem of over current on power lines. I have put five 1206 polymer fuses on it as well as input one and over voltage protection. Also I have re-mapped the digital input pins so now it should be faster to read them in software. I have added one extra digital input and corrected the tamper. Now we have 7 analog input pins and 6 digital input pins. Another fix is reset watchdog circuit that was needed to properly start Wiz820io Ethernet module after power up. Others changes are minor, rearranged the connectors and battery. And I have deleted the 5V rail needed for the old GSM module, because now I use 12V one.

I've send the board for fabrication, fingers crossed :). New schematics are available in download area.

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